Can you really sell a home before it even goes on the market? YES… because we just did!

Phil Shaver
Published on April 12, 2017

Can you really sell a home before it even goes on the market? YES… because we just did!

Can you really sell a home before it even goes on the market?

Well, with our Go Sold Realty “Pre-Marketing” Strategy you can!

We just SOLD a Chandler home for FULL PRICE before it even went on the market!

Here is the entire story:

Dan reached out to Go Sold Realty because he needed to sell his Chandler home.  He wanted to meet with us, chat and let us know some of his concerns and worries with selling his home.

His significant other was having some health issues and he needed to sell his home quickly, so they could move closer to family.

He was concerned about the flooring and some of the bedrooms that were were still unfinished.  He wanted to know what he needed to do to get home ready to sell and also wanted to know if he should put more money into the house or not?

During the meeting with Dan, we were able to share with him what he should and should not do to get his home ready to sale.

We also went over our pre-marketing program that allowed him to start generating buyers without being active on the market. It included a social media campaign, reaching out to active buyers in his area and a “coming soon” listing on all the major home searching websites.

The reason why Dan really liked the pre-marketing program was because he didn’t have to show the home and have buyers walking through his home. It also would allow Dan to get an idea of what buyers thought of pricing.

So, we rolled out our “Pre-Marketing” Strategy and after ONLY 3 days, we were able to generate 3 showings and 1 FULL PRICE offer!

Dan was so excited because he didn’t have to deal with anymore showings and most importantly, he didn’t have to worry about putting a lot of money into the house.

The buyers that purchased this home worked right down the road and their best friends live in the community, so it worked out great!

In less than 3 days, with our “Pre-Marketing” strategy, we were able to generate Dan a FULL PRICE offer on his home and have it SOLD! Now he can move and be closer to family, which was his main goal of selling. Congratulations Dan!!!

This is a great example of how getting your home exposed to the right buyers before even hitting the market can put a home seller in a great position to get top dollar and keep the upper hand in negotiations.

And if you thought that was good, that’s just our “Pre-Marketing” Strategy we use before going on the market. Our 10 Step Marketing and Home Selling System has a lot more marketing avenues just like that one!

More Marketing for your home = More $$$ when selling! 

If you are thinking about selling your home, we would love to share with you what our program is all about. Just grab a quick “15 Min Home Review Call” with us and we can go over your home, what upgrades you should or shouldn’t do and even review market trends in your neighborhood.

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