Sold for $29,900 MORE than with previous agent!

Phil Shaver
Published on February 14, 2017

Sold for $29,900 MORE than with previous agent!

Time and time again we are asked how we sell so many homes and what makes us different than other agents. Well, let’s just have this story tell you for us… 2 months ago we were approached by a Chandler family to help get their home sold. They had previously been on the market for over 3 months and still the home wasn’t sold. They mentioned the highest offer they had was $450,000 and they even accepted it, moved out and made plans to close escrow. Then the phone call came… that this buyer could not qualify and they would not be closing on their home. At that time, news like this is devastating. But lucky for them it happened…

Once the buyer fell through, they reached out to us to sell their home. We met, walked through their home and explained our “10 Step Home Selling System”. And just like we do with every client we take on, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work! Fast forward only 3 short weeks, we generated over 25 showings, multiple offers for this home and ended up accepting an offer for $479,900, which was $29,900 higher than their previous highest offer! This home is now officially SOLD! 

So how did we do it? How does one agent sell a home for more than $29,900 than another? Simple. It comes down to a PROVEN plan of attack get a home SOLD. We’ve successfully sold over 1,500 homes and during that process, you can start to identify and refine things that work great and things that don’t. All of these proven strategies have been added together to create our “10 Step Marketing and Home Selling System”.

At the beginning stages of every home we sell, (Step #1), we go through a process of outlining the home’s “major selling features”. We take those major features and create a marketing plan around it. What type of buyers would want a home like this? How can we find those buyers and share with them this home? This Chandler home happened to be on a cul de sac lot, which is a HUGE selling feature to a buyer. To spotlight that, we ordered an arial drone photo shoot for this home. So instead of the buyer just seeing a main front photo of the home, the very first photo they saw was an aerial shot of the home sitting on the corner of this cul de sac. From there, we ran a targeted Facebook ad to this entire zip code with that same aerial photo. In our first weekend on the market, this home had over 7,500 views online! More marketing = more buyers = more MONEY in our clients pockets! And in this case, $30,000 more!   

It is stories just like this that makes us excited to help more families who need our real estate services. So, if you know of anyone thinking about selling their home, we would love to chat with them and help them get a story just like this one too! They can schedule a “FREE 15 Min Home Review Call” with us and we can discuss their home, go over what upgrades they should or shouldn’t do and even go over current market trends in their neighborhood.

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