Thinking of Selling Your Home? Answer these 4 Important Questions before you Decide to Sell!

Phil Shaver
Published on March 1, 2017

Thinking of Selling Your Home? Answer these 4 Important Questions before you Decide to Sell!

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to SUCCESS”

-Alexander Graham Bell  

We understand how much your home means to you and your family. This may have been the home where you raised your children and made a lot of memories. Where they learned to ride a bike or throw a ball. This could have been your very first home where you saved up for years for that down payment and finally achieved that goal! Or this could have been that investment property you have been tirelessly remodeling and fixing up! No matter what, you probably have put a lot of time, energy and love into this home! We know the weekends spent at home improvement stores picking out that perfect paint color and getting carpet samples! Watching home improvement shows to get tips and tricks to fix up your home. Or looking for that perfect piece of furniture to go into your living room.

Simply put, we know how much your home may mean to you, so we truly respect how big of a deal it is to sell your home. So, before we get into the process and the “how to’s” of selling, we want to make sure this decision for you to sell is the right one. Just like LeBron James deciding to move from the Cleveland Cavaliers, “take his talents to South Beach” and be traded to the Miami Heat back in 2010, the “decision” to sell your home is a big one. Now, we won’t have TV crews, sport stations and media there to cover your final decision, but it is one that definitely should be thought out and talked about before you decide to put your home up for sale and on the market.

After surveying and collecting feedback from thousands of home sellers, we asked them what they wish they would of known before starting out the process of selling their home. Sure, we got answers about the process and the “during” part of the home selling process. But a lot of what we heard had to do about the beginning idea of selling. The initial family meeting to sit down and talk about selling the home. The conversation between a husband and wife about where they would be moving to and what that new home would look like. That’s what this chapter is all about and exactly why we made it the first!


In our experience, we have found the clearer you are on your desired outcome, the better and smoother your home sale will be. It helps set the expectations for you and your family and know what target you are shooting for.

Now, everyone sells their home for different reasons and it is extremely important for you to identify “WHY” you are selling your home. So, the very first step is to is to determine “WHY” you are considering selling your home. Here are the reasons we typically hear and most likely you will fit into one of many of these categories:

  • Need / want more space
  • Purchased another home (having two mortgages sucks)
  • Looking for a more luxurious home – great reason to move!
  • Downsizing – children are grown and have moved out – who wants to keep up all that space?
  • Transferred to a different city
  • Job loss, layoff , disability, or medical issue makes current home unaffordable
  • Neighborhood no longer compatible with socio-economic status
  • Fear of natural disaster (flood, earthquake, tornados, hurricanes)
  • Can no longer tolerate noisy or obnoxious neighbors
  • Neighborhood has become unsafe
  • Death of spouse
  • Newly married
  • Recently divorced or divorce imminent
  • School district has deteriorated
  • Can no longer tolerate climate


Why do we want to sell our home?

Insert answer here:



Now that we know why you are selling your home, the next step is to identify your ultimate goal during your home sale. It is very good know exactly what you are shooting for and then go make that happen! Most home sellers have any of these 3 big goals when selling:

#1. Top Dollar

#2. Speed

#3. No Out of pocket costs


Now, chances are you have a few if not all of the 3. But out of them, one should be standing out more than then others.

  • Do you want to sell for the most amount of money and equity possible? Is there a certain price you have in mind? Do you want to hold out for Top Dollar?
  • Speed and Timing? Is the time on the market a big deal for you? Maybe you don’t want to deal with showings and people coming through your home all weekend long. Is a quick sale important to you?
  • Are you trying to sell your home “as-is” and do not want to do any fixing up prior to selling your home? Are you trying to limit your out of pocket expenses?


What is your #1 Ultimate Goal for your home sale:

Insert answer here:




Ok… now we know “WHY” you are selling and your “#1 Ultimate Goal” for your home sale! Next, let’s chat about the timing for selling your home. When is the right time for you to put your home on the market? Here are a some questions to help:

  • Are the kids in the middle of a school year and should we wait until a summer or holiday break?
  • What about the kids sports schedules, dance recitals or other hobbies? Anything coming up soon?
  • What about Church events?
  • How’s your work schedule? Any big projects you are working on that don’t want to lose focus from?
  • What about the weather? If you’ve ever moved in the Phoenix summer of 110 degrees or a Midwest freezing cold -9 degree winter you will know what I’m taking about! I’ve done both and wish we would of thought out that timing better!
  • Are the Holidays approaching? Do you want to spend one last holiday season in your home and wait until the new year?

These are all very good questions to ask when deciding when to sell your home. The more thought out it is, the way smoother your home sale will be.


When is the best time for us to sell our home?

Insert answer here:




Great job! These are the 3 most critical questions to ask when selling your home are the “Why”, “#1 Ultimate Goal” and “Timing” and now you have them done!

Now that we have these major questions asked, let’s dive into the next step: Where are you moving to? No matter what reason you need to sell your home or your why, the next home you will be living in is a fresh start! So, here are some questions to help you start identifying what that next home will be!

  • What type of home are you going to be moving to?
  • Larger home with more space
  • More convenient home with less maintenance?
  • Single family home or a townhouse/condo?

What are your “Needs and Musts”:



Size of the home?

Single level or 2 story home?

Basement or game room?

Pool or no pool?


– school district?

– Parking? Do you need a garage?


What are your “Wants and Dreams”:

  • What does that dream kitchen look like?
  • Have you dreamed of that big walk in shower?
  • RV gate and a big lot?
  • More storage and bigger bedrooms?
  • Move closer to family?


  • If you are buying another home, have you been pre-approved yet? How much money will be needed for your down payment?


Where are we moving to and what does that ideal home look like?

Insert answer here:



Congratulations! You have answered the 4 toughest questions anyone faces when deciding to sell their home. Now you know why you are selling, what your # ultimate goal is, when to sell and where/what type of home you want to move to. Answering these 4 questions lays the foundation for a successful home sale and it helps you focus on the things that matter most to you! Now that we have the foundation laid, we can start going over the home selling process, time frames and most importantly… how to get your home SOLD!

If you are considering selling your home, you probably have a lot of questions! What upgrades you should or shouldn’t do. What are the current market trends and comps in your neighborhood. Or even general questions, time frames and the process! Don’t worry… we are here to help. We offer a “FREE 15 Min Home Review Call” and we can cover all of this and answer any questions you have! 

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