To Sell or Not to Sell in a HOT Market?

Phil Shaver
Published on August 2, 2018

To Sell or Not to Sell in a HOT Market?

Supply is low… and Sellers are holding tight.   A lot of home sellers are on the fence about selling in this hot real estate market.   Its like sitting at the poker table knowing you have a winning hand.  A different position than 5 years ago.

So what’s the right decision to make if you’re a home seller?  There’s a lot at play here and that’s why everyone should be thinking strategically on whats the right move is for them.  Here are a few pro and cons to consider when making this big decision.


  • Selling in a hot market allows you to have the upper hand in negotiations with the home buyer.
  • Selling now and laying low or renting could allow you to capitalize on the high prices
  • You’re not trying to time the market like a lot of sellers did in 2005-2009.


  • If you’re looking to buy in the same market.  The price would most likely be higher.
  • If you decide to cash out your equity and not buy more real estate.  You will have to make sure you don’t spend all the equity before purchasing again!

We’ve had a good run for about 7 years now… How much longer will it last?  That’s the million dollar question!

We hope this info has been helpful.  Feel free to call or email us with any questions!


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